Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Walking Tour: The Peak

It was a beautiful weekend in Hong Kong, so I took a walk to Victoria Peak... and beyond! This week's Hong Kong walking tour has views, nature, and some very steeps paths.

Start out on Old Peak Road and climb through Midlevels. 

The winding road will take you above the apartment buildings...

...and into the green hills of Hong Kong Island.

When you reach the top of Old Peak Road...'ll see a pedestrian only path sloping up to your left.

Keep climbing past the high-rises on your left.

Every once in a while you'll see maintenance steps heading up the slopes to your left.

You should keep walking forward.

It's surprising how quickly you'll leave the city behind.

It gets quiet up here, and you'll find that the air is cooler away from the concrete jungle.

You might spot some odd little shrines along the way.

The path is lined with lampposts in case you want to take this walk after dark.

You'll pass a sketchy looking public toilet when you're about 1/3 of the way up the hill.

By now you're almost as high as the buildings.

The slopes are all covered in concrete and labelled with a registration number.

Keeping climbing the steep path, but take a rest if you have to.

Unfortunately it isn't a very clear day, but you can just see the skyscrapers in the distance.

When you near the top, you'll notice a few apartment buildings. The Peak is prime real estate.

You'll see interesting vegetation...

...and lots of colors.

At the top of the path you'll find yourself at the base...

...of The Peak Tower.

The views get better from here. Can you see the harbor through the mist?

The Peak Tower is a big shopping mall with a viewing deck on top.

Climb the steps up the side.

Try to capture the magnificent views as you go.

On the opposite side of the Peak Tower you'll find a busy plaza and The Peak Galleria, a big shopping mall.

Turn right and walk along Harlech Road to escape the traffic.

You'll find a pleasant path around the crown of Victoria Peak, where families like to take Sunday afternoon strolls.

Watch out for unusual flowers...

...unusual roots...

...and other signs of life.

As you continue along the path you'll find a little waterfall to your right...

...and some amazing views of the south side of Hong Kong Island to your left.

Watch out for falling rocks...

...and continue your stroll around the Peak with the other visitors.

You might think this group is birdwatching, but in fact they are studying different types of leaves.

I found the roots more interesting.

When you are a third of the way around the Peak you'll find a cute picnic area full of families.

At the back left corner of the picnic area there are steps leading into the trees.

Follow the narrow path at the bottom of the steps into the woods.

After a few minutes you'll reach a clearing.

The steps continue to the left of the clearing.

Pay attention to the strange little things you'll see beside the path.

You are following a little-used trail.

You'll see scattered flowers beside the road.

As you climb further up the hill you'll be able to see the other hills on HK Island.

Look down at the buildings on the Repulse Bay side of the Island.

Keep climbing.

You can see the crowded north side of the island to your right. You're almost there...

At last, you'll be able to see the top of Mt. High West.

Stand on the platform and look at Kennedy town to the northwest...

...and Repulse Bay and Lamma Island to the south.

There are convenient maps so you can tell what you are looking at. Enjoy the breezes before returning down the hill... the busy Peak Tower for a snack.

Take one last picture of the north side of the island before you go home.

Thanks for joining me on another Hong Kong walking tour. Thank you for coming back each week to check out a new side of this beautiful city.


  1. I love your photos! Your new camera seems to be working out very well! My favorite thing to do on the Peak was to arrive just before dusk when it was still light out. Then I'd wait until the sun went down and all the lights turned on, illuminating the harbor below. I never strayed too far from the lookout pagoda, but I wish I'd explored more up there.

  2. Impressive! As a person born and grew up in HK, I had never been to that part of HK. Actually, most HK people would not climb up to the peak barely on foot.

  3. I've visited The Peak by funicular, by bus and by taxi, but not on foot! Well done!

  4. Thank you for letting me accompany you on this tour, it's really interesting to see the details because these are the things you never usually pick up when you see pictures of the city and countryside. I really felt as if I was with you on this trip!


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