Monday, November 14, 2011

Bookspotting: Week 42 - Nano Write-athon Edition

This week I saw a young Chinese woman on the MTR reading Life Without Limits by Nick Vujicic. I've seen people reading this book several times in the last year. Later I saw a woman reading what I thought was called The Reader in You, but I couldn't find it on Amazon so I'm not sure I read the title correctly. Does anyone know what it might be? I saw a Western man reading an English paperback in the shade of The Escalator, but I couldn't see the title. I spotted two people reading in Chinese this week.

My Nanowrimo adventures continued this week with a 12-hour write-athon on Saturday. Writers from around Hong Kong joined in for anything from a few hours to most of the day. I showed up at Kosmo Wellness Cafe in Central at 9:30 am (okay I was a little late), and stayed there writing until 9 pm. I took breaks for lunch and dinner, and during one of those breaks I explored the carnival in LKF just outside the coffee shop (pictured above). I wrote about 5,500 words that day, bringing my total word count to 20,004, plus I used the opportunity to do some editing on a friend's manuscript when I needed a break.

How is your writing going this week? Have you spotted any books (or writers) lately?


  1. I've written another two poems (very short). In Starbucks i saw a man writing in a big lined pad, lots of writing, don't know what. Also saw a man reading a book by Carlos Viejo(?) didn't see the title. On the Lamma ferry, a girl was reading a camera instruction manual in French, another was reading Tony Wheeler's Bad Lands and yet another had an Elizabeth Gregory novel in German.

  2. One thing that is good about the internet (which is in some ways killing publishing) is that it gives the chance for writers to meet up and bring their work into real life, far more than ever happened before.

  3. nice post dear blogger.


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