Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bookspotting: Return to Hong Kong

After a lovely month of holiday that included a visit to San Francisco with one of my best friends from Colgate University...

...two and half weeks in beautiful Bandon, Oregon...

...and two weeks with my family in Arizona (that's Wenlock the Olympics mascot at the Grand Canyon), I'm back in Hong Kong. 

Yesterday I returned to work to begin my third year as an English teacher in a local primary school. Jet lag has been waking me up early, so this morning I got to watch the sun rise above the familiar skyscrapers outside my window. 

Now that the Olympics are over, I'll be getting back to my normal book blogging schedule. If you want a recap of all the guest posts and articles I wrote while promoting my mini travel memoir, they are available at my writing website.

On my way from Phoenix to HK via San Francisco, I spotted a satisfying number of books. A woman waiting in the check-in line had a copy of 50 Shades of Grey. There was a man reading The Green Book by Muammar Al Qathafi in First Class. A couple by one of the gates sat reading paperbacks side-by-side. I couldn't see the titles, but he was on chapter 3 and she was on chapter 8. I saw two young men carrying paperbacks by Michael Crichton (one of his books with a red cover) and John Grisham (The Testament). A young woman on one of the planes had a dog-eared copy of The Secret Life of Plants. Finally, I spotted what I'm sure was a Game of Thrones book as I passed a seating area on a moving sidewalk.

How was your summer? What did you read? What books did you spot?

My catch after deep sea fishing in Bandon


  1. No book spotting for me as we have not been far from home in the long hot summer we have been enjoying in Italy.

    1. That sounds like a lovely way to spend a long hot summer!

  2. Welcome back! I got here two weeks ago after 8 weeks in Scotland, so hard to get used to the humidity again.
    Spotted a Sheila O' Flanagan by our pool and ANOTHER copy of 50 shades of garbage.Chinese girl on MTR reading Jane Eye in English and the usual crop of tourist guides on the Lamma ferry. On the bus to Sai Kung, a young Chinese man reading an English accountancy textbook. Reading "Sea of Poppies " for one book group and "Death comes to Pemberley for another, just finished hilarious "Nightwaking" by Sarah Moss (only funny if you have /have had young children)
    Hope to catch up with you at poetry club soon, I was too tired tonight.

    1. Hi Joyce! I hope you had a nice time in Scotland. It sounds like you've had quite a successful bookspotting week as usual. I haven't been to poetry yet either, though I hope to get there soon. Right now it's past my jet lag bedtime.

  3. Welcome back! Love the fishing photo!! I recently spotted someone around town reading the novel, 'Room'. Other than that, it's been textbooks galore for back to school. Hope you have a great week at school, writing, and bookspotting!

  4. +JMJ+

    Welcome back! =D I've missed your Bookspotting posts.

    Last week, I saw a young woman with a book in a foreign language I couldn't recognise. It was tucked under her arm and she was walking briskly past me, so while I got one tantalising detail, I can't tell you anything else!


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