Monday, February 6, 2012

Bookspotting: Week 54

This week I spotted someone carrying Edward de Bono's Think! Before It's Too Late in Central station. I saw a Chinese woman reading a Kindle with no cover in my favorite coffee shop. I saw a Western woman reading a paperback on the MTR with a black and white portrait on the front, leading me to believe it was a biography. I spotted four Chinese books and one guidebook this week.

In other news, yesterday I went to see a performance of The Importance of Being Earnest for the HK Arts Festival. It was terrific. I had forgotten how ridiculously clever Oscar Wilde is. After spending three hours laughing through the play, I went home and watched The Notebook. Of course, I cried at least three times. It was a strangely exhausting day.

Have you seen any plays recently? Have you watched or read anything sad and hilarious in quick succession lately? What are the people around you reading?


  1. I haven't seen The Notebook, but heard it's great. Last week we went to a play by David Mamet called Race. It was excellent, and while it was neither funny nor a tear-jerker, it certainly made us think! It was about race relations in the US on a white collar level.

    I continue to see people reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo! Maybe I should read it one of these days?

    What is your favorite coffee shop there?

    1. The Notebook is definitely a tear-jerker!

      I really enjoyed the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It was the book I picked for the plane when I first moved here.

      I love Holly Brown in Central. It's on Stanley Street between Queen's Road and LKF.

  2. Yes, something both hilarious and depressing: The Vanishers. Worked on my review, finished it at a thousand words then lost over half! Hoping to finish tonight!

    1. Oh no! I hope you were able to recover/remember the review!


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