Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Walking Tour: Zoological and Botanical Gardens

This week's edition of Wednesday Walking Tours is here to remind you that there is nature in Hong Kong. We are going to take a peaceful stroll through the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens. In case you missed some of the other walking tours, check out the new tab at the top.

Let's start out at the Fringe Club in Central. 

Start the hike up towards Mid-levels.

It's a bit steep, but worth it.

On the way up you get a cool view of the HSBC building and a few other iconic skyscrapers.

And before you know it, you've reached the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens. Take the entrance on the left.

Don't forget to look out for bird flu.

Enter the gardens and you get your first view of a sub-tropical oasis in the middle of the city.

To your right you'll see a few statues, but there will be real monkeys later on.

Take a look at the fountain before you head up the hill to see the birds.

Take the path to your right and enjoy the plants on either side.

This would be a good time to practice the macro setting on your camera.

You might even spot a plant or two that you've never seen before.

There will be sign posts to guide you through the gardens.

Walk up the steps at the center of the park.

Turn left. If it's a nice day you'll see a lot of other folks enjoying an afternoon at the botanical gardens too.

Walk past the aviaries...

...stop for a closer look at the birds...

...and every once in a while look up to see the city through the trees.

When you reach the side of the park, take a detour into the new greenhouse...

...and then turn right and continue to follow the path.

On your left look closely at the flamingoes. 

There are lots of them.

As you return to the center of the gardens, you'll see a statue.

On your right you'll find that you're now at the top of those steps.

On your left get a closer look at King George V.

After you pass the steps take another left turn and wander further up into the gardens.

You'll see birdwatchers...

...and people watchers.

This would be a good time to take a break if you need one.

Don't feed the feral pigeons please.

Turn right and continue up the hill.

You'll find more aviaries along the top of the gardens.

Take a few pictures of birds.

This one is my favorite.

There are nice trees too.

Now walk back down the hill.

Don't forget your umbrella for the sun.

Now that you're back at the center of the park you can get a closer look at the fountain.

Take a brief stroll around the edge of the garden.

This would be another great time to practice the macro setting on your camera...

...since there are plenty of pretty small things.

Enjoy the colors...

... and the shapes.

Now it's time for the monkeys.

Follow the path as it switches back up the hill.

Take a peak at the gazebo on your left.

And you've arrived at the tunnel to the mammal exhibits.

Walk through the tunnel. It takes you under the road that separates the two sections of the park.

When you emerge into the sun...

... you'll see the monkeys!

It's a nice spot to sit and read the paper.

Just keep a close eye on your snacks.

When two roads diverge...

... take the one with the cute little family.

Look up every once in a while.

I waited for a long time before this guy would look at me.

I think these are lemurs. Can you see them?

There are plants on this side of the park too.

When you reach the back of the park, get ready for the grand finale.

Can you see them yet?


Walk back towards the front of the park.

Try not to bother the older man doing his exercises.

Also try not to bother the old tortoise.

You've made a big circle, and you're approaching the tunnel again.

You can finish up your tour with an ice cream or a cold drink right here in the gardens.

I hope you enjoyed this nature-filled walking tour. Come back next week for a tour of busy, people-filled Mongkok.


  1. Great photo tour! I chuckled at the pigeon sign, since our local nature preserve has a problem with feral cats. Maybe we should send our feral cats to Hong Kong to deal with the feral pigeons ...

  2. Beautiful photos! But what I stopped by for was to ask you to stop by my blog and pick up your Award! :) Rae

  3. Okay, Shannon, I'll give this walk a try out next week!

  4. I'm glad you are all enjoying the photos!

    Thank you for the award Rae!


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