Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Walking Tour: Avenue of Stars

It's Wednesday in Hong Kong, and that means it's time for another walking tour. We've had a particularly rainy week, so you might not want to go out exploring just yet, but the skies cleared just enough for this tour of the Avenue of Stars in Tsim Sha Tseui. TST, just like Mongkok, has lots of different sides, so expect to see more TST tours in the future. Remember to visit the tab above for more walking tours.

If you are starting your walk in Central, take the Star Ferry across Victoria Harbour.

Take a good look at the new ICC building beneath the looming stormclouds.

The ride is easily worth the $2.

When you approach the Kowloon side of the harbor you'll be able to see the Cultural Centre.


...and join the throngs of tourists and locals on the other side.

Turn right and walk through the ferry terminal toward the light.

You'll see the bus terminal to your left.

Come out on the east side of the terminal.

You'll get an up close and personal view of the Cultural Centre and clock tower.

Climb up the observation deck directly in front of you.

This is where you'll get the best views of Hong Kong Island.

By this time you might be able to see patches of blue sky.

Take lots of pictures. This is a special place.

Walk along the observation platform, trying not to get in the way of the photographers.

You'll have a great view of all sorts of ships in the harbor to your right.

You'll also be able to see a long way down HK Island.

You can leave the platform at any time via the stairs.

But first look back at the great view of the clock tower.

If you go all the way to the end of the platform you can see the lights for the nightly harbor show.

Now head down the steps.

You're approaching another stretch of tourist country.

This is the Space Museum and the HK Museum of Art.

You'll find a big torch commemorating the Beijing Olympic Games.

There will be opportunities to have your picture taken with Hong Kong if you'd like.

And finally you'll start to see the cinema related sculptures.

Our Avenue of Stars is like the one in Hollywood, except that I haven't heard of most of the Chinese film stars.

But there is plenty to see anyway, and it's a lot less seedy than the Walk of Fame in California.

You can join the tourists in taking pictures.

And you might even see the last Chinese junk go by.

Since this is the Avenue of Stars...

The sculptures will be film-related.

Eventually you might see some names you know.

This picture didn't come out so well, but this is Jackie Chan's star.

I think this one belongs to Chow Yun Fat, but I'm not positive.

Eventually you'll reach the famous Bruce Lee statue.

And you'll see the tourists imitating his pose.

We made a lucky discovery on this particular day...

...these ships are lined up as barriers...

...and beyond the statues...

...the Dragon Boat Carnival was in full swing.

The crowds had gathered in the temporary stands...

...right next to the permanent walkway... watch...

...and compete in...

...and officiate...

...the dragon boat races!

Watch for a few minutes...

...if you are lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time.

Why not finish up at one of the festival beer gardens? Otherwise you can cross the road on that covered walkway and find one of the many great Indian food places in the depths of TST.

I hope you enjoyed this somewhat touristy walking tour. I'm hoping to get to Kowloon Tong to take some more pictures if the rain lets up. Friday is a holiday to celebrate the establishment of HKSAR, so we'll see what I can find to show you during the long weekend.


  1. I was right there at the Dragon Boat Races too! Must have walked past each other in the crowds!

  2. Loved this little photo tour.

    New follower (found you on the Literary Blogger Directory)

  3. Nice one! And of course you have to stick around for the light show in the evening. It's beautiful!

  4. Great tour! Definitely a place I want to visit if I ever make it to Hong Kong!


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