Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Walking Tour: Sheung Wan Markets

Welcome to the second installment of the new Hong Kong Walking Tours. If you missed last week's adventure, we visited the antique galleries and street scenes of Hollywood Road. Today we will check out the markets of Sheung Wan.

Let's start our tour on Queen's Road, just across from the Grand Millennium Plaza.

Turn around and you'll see lots of evidence that Hong Kong is still a work in progress.

Walk up Wellington Street, taking in the timber and stationary and hardware stores.

You'll see signs of everyday life everywhere you look.

There will be plenty of Western business as you make your way up the street.

Look to your left to see the little alleyways that would take you back down to Queen's Road.

Hong Kong is crowded and busy and vibrant...

...and there will be plenty of people walking with you.

To your right you will see businesses selling everything you could possibly need.

To your left take note of a good place for tea.

When you reach Peel Street, turn right.

The first stall on your left sells lucky goldfish.

 As you walk up the narrow road, prepare for a riot of color.

You might see an old woman burning paper.

You'll see clothes and kites and paper lanterns.

If you keep walking you'll see more paper lanterns.

There's always a bit of dust and work amidst the bright colors.

We are approaching the wet (food) section of the market.

At the fish stall on the corner you'll make a left turn.

Take a look at the modern restaurants and apartments up above...

...then enjoy the color and life of the food stalls below.

This woman is tending an incense stand next to a butcher.

Not every shop is open for business today.

Stop in at this dry goods store if you need soy sauce or dehydrated octopus.

This vegetable stand might be a better choice.

This street sign will help you get your bearings.

And notice that the market continues downhill to your left.

You can pick up some reasonably fresh fish for dinner here...

...and you can buy more meat and dried goods on your right.

You might need to squeeze by a truck or two as you walk through the busy market.

Haggle for some flowers if you want to add color to your apartment.

The French cafe will remind you that Hong Kong is a fiercely international city.

The chickens and ducks in the windows will remind you that this is still China.

Take one more look to your right at the busy shoppers...

...and a look to your left at my favorite bakery.

If all this shopping has made you hungry, you can finish your tour at the famous Lan Fong Yuen, as long as there's not a line. If you're not feeling brave...'ve arrived at the mid-levels escalator, so you will be able to find your choice of Western food.

Come back next week for more Hong Kong walking tours.


  1. I love a good Asian market! Thanks for the tour. :)

  2. What are the escalators about? In some cities they help folks stay out of the cold in the winter, but I'm imagining that's not the case in Hong Kong. Is it so people don't have to mix with the unpredictablity of the street? Curious. Another great tour.

  3. Hong Kong is actually quite mountainous. The escalator goes about halfway up the Peak, running down in the morning and up in the afternoon. It allows people to commute to and from work in Central without having to trek up the hill every afternoon. Since it was built a lot of restaurants and shops have popped up around it, so it has become a really interesting area. I think one of my next walking tour posts will cover the length of the escalator.

    I'm glad you're enjoying the tours!

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