Monday, November 21, 2011

Bookspotting: Week 43

Early this week I stood next to a man on the MTR who was reading a yellowed paperback that looked like a thriller or mystery. I read the title and author, but now I can't remember what they were. I think the author was Abney or Abnar something. Does anyone have any idea who it might have been? I saw a boy of about fourteen reading a slate gray Kindle outside my favorite Vietnamese restaurant (Nha Trang for you HK people). The person I was with was listening to Reamde by Neal Stephenson as an audiobook. I counted four Chinese books and two Hong Kong guidebooks this week.

My Nanowrimo writing came to a grinding halt this week. I had the opportunity to work on three different editing projects (one paid, one voluntary, and one with my awesome writing partner), so that took away from my writing time. I am laying the groundwork to launch a freelance editing venture within a year, so I'm excited about the opportunity to work on a few manuscripts before then. Please keep me in mind if you need an editor or proofreader!

What are people reading in your town this week?


  1. ...."One paid"... Excellent! I think I can guess who the other two are. I saw two people reading Chinese novels on the MTR, both with Hong Kong Public Library stamps across the page ends, yeah! Go libraries! I'm reading "The hotel at the corner of Bitter and sSweet" for my January book group. My 2 friends have gone home, with English classics downloaded for free to read on their brand new Kindles.

  2. Meant to ask, what is that fabulous picture? Is it a chandelier from a strange angle?

  3. Beautiful picture, Shannon. I keep you in mind, if you decide to expand into being a literary agents. Not many of them in Hong Kong, as far as I can find via google.

  4. Joyce, I owe you for the paid one actually. Will you be at poetry on Wednesday? I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of "Hotel."

    This is one of the chandeliers in the ICC building on the way up to the Ritz-Carlton's Chocolate Library.

    Thank you Giora. I think I have a little more work to do before I'll be ready for that. I believe the only agent in Hong Kong is Marysia at Peony LIterary, but many agents will take on authors from overseas. Good luck!


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