Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Walking Tour: Lan Kwai Fong

This week's Wednesday Walking Tour is a celebration of my new camera. I loved my old one, but it was nearly five years old and not very good at taking night photos. Point-and-shoot cameras are just so much better at taking pictures in the dark these days. Last night I took my shiny new Canon Ixus out for a spin. This tour goes straight through nightlife central: Lan Kwai Fong.  

Start out at the Fringe Club, a cool arts venue on one corner of a five road intersection (Glenealy, Ice House Street, Wyndham, D'Aguilar).

Cross Wyndham Street...

....then take the left fork down D'Aguilar Street.

You'll get your first look at busy bar central. LKF is the place to go after work in Central. It's popular with visitors to HK, and in my opinion it is less seedy than Wan Chai (and also more expensive).

When you reach the new Hard Rock Cafe on your left...

...Lan Kwai Fong will be on your right.

Look straight along D'Aguilar at the cool brick wall rising above the street...

...but then turn right and walk down into LKF.

You'll find nightclubs and pubs...

...alongside restaurants and cafes.

LKF is active even on Tuesday nights.

I wasn't the only person taking pictures. The mural hides a building that is being demolished.

There are some shops in LKF too, though they were closed when I walked by.

There are colorful posters to hide unsightly buildings.

LKF is often decorated for something, in this case Halloween.

The street is shaped like an L, so you'll have to turn left around the corner of the demolition site.

Keep walking downhill.

On your right is the Lan Kwai Fong building, home to miscellaneous businesses, clubs, and a 7 Eleven.

There's a row of shops outside that was just closing up for the night. I can't believe how well the lights turned out in the pictures!

When you reach the corner take a peek past the mural at the demolition site. This is all that remains of California Tower.

You've reached D'Aguilar Street again. It bends at the brick wall, and forms a square with Lan Kwai Fong. When most people refer to LKF they mean the whole square.

There's often an event or band being promoted in the street.

And there are always people outside the bars enjoying the weather.

Walk to your right down D'Aguilar Street.

You'll pass a few smaller streets with bars and businesses.

Take one last look up at the busy clubbing area before... reach the corner with Wellington Street...

...where you can jump in a taxi to head home for the night.

I hope you enjoyed this night time walking tour. Now that I have this new camera I'll have to show you around the night markets. Come back next week for another Hong Kong walking tour!


  1. Your new camera was a sound investment! I especially liked the one with the little fairy lights and the sombre grey one with the LKF street sign.

  2. This is great! I'm visiting Hong Kong in a few months and was searching up on Lan Kwai Fong and stumbled across your blog. :)
    Oh yes I agree with point and shoot cameras are better for night photography. Problem with DSLR is they are too heavy and no matter how steady your hands are, pictures are always blurry.

  3. The California Building is gone?! I can't believe it! I wasn't a huge LKF person, but spent a summer there the year I returned to HK. It still looks the same, although I don't remember so many shops back then. There were gyms, restaurants, clubs, bars and the like. By the way, love the new camera, too!

  4. Thank you Joyce, I think those are my favorites too.

    Tam, I hope you have a great time in Hong Kong. It's a really cool city.

    Susan, I think they started tearing down the California Building shortly after I arrived, so I don't even have a proper memory of what it looked like. I think the area has been relatively quiet since then. It'll be interesting to see what goes up in its place.

  5. Hong Kong has good food too...

  6. Drinking in LKF is always fun but it is also fairly expensive. lan kwai fong bars

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