Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Walking Tour: Causeway Bay

This week our walking tour will take us to a very busy shopping district: Causeway Bay. This is one of the most crowded areas in Hong Kong, so I tried to get through before the rush of the day really began. We've been to shopping areas in Mongkok and Tsim Sha Tsui, both on the Kowloon side. Causeway Bay is right on Hong Kong Island.

Start out in Times Square. Unlike the glitzy neon Times Square of New York City, Times Square in Hong Kong is basically just a big shopping mall.

It does have a clock, and if you turn in a circle...'ll see tall buildings...

...and plenty of ads and people.

Walk in the direction of the clock.

You are on Russell Street, approaching a crossing.

Go ahead and cross the street, which branches off in several directions.

Immediately, you'll reach another street, Percival, where you'll have to wait for the light with dozens of other people.

While you wait you can look at the food shops and advertisements surrounding you.

To help you get your bearings, take note of this convenient sign.

After crossing Percival, you could follow these signs in any direction, but we're going to walk straight through a pedestrian corridor.

It's paved with bricks and full of activity.

You'll approach another road and the green bossini sign will light your way.

To your left, another street branches off.

To your right, it is being repaired. Note the bossini sign again.

You'll cross that road and continue straight down Kai Chiu Road. This is the other side of the green sign, now on your right.

You'll pass lots of stores...

...and signs of the changes that are constantly happening around Hong Kong.

Another road full of shops branches off to your right and then splits up ahead. It's easy to get lost in Causeway Bay.

But now all you need to do is follow the people.

You could take a detour through the dense market on Jardine's Crescent to your right...

...but right now just head toward the golden light. 

You'll see the huge models gracing the side of the massive Sogo building.

Once more, to your right, you could take another detour through a crowded street, but we're just going to cross here.

At the corner feel free to stop for a snack.

You might want that sustenance as we continue walking.

This is one of the major intersections in Causeway Bay. It looks a lot more like Times Square than Times Square, don't you think?

On this street you'll find the tram tracks. The tram is cheap and slow and extremely pleasant to ride through Hong Kong on a cool day. Perhaps one of our future tours will take us on such a ride.

Cross the intersection and note the crowds. This is what Causeway Bay feels like all the time.

But this is the place where people go to "indulge in style."

When you cross the intersection and reach the corner of Sogo, turn right and cross the road again.

At the corner you might find lanterns already in place for the coming Mid-Autumn Festival.

Walk down Great George Street, leaving Sogo directly behind you.

You could get back on the MTR here if you're in a hurry, though I'll warn you that the Causeway Bay MTR station is one of the biggest in Hong Kong and you could wind up anywhere. Remember Times Square way back there? That's where another one of the exits for this station is.

On your left you'll pass Fashion Walk...

...yet another shiny shopping center.

You're still on Great George Street.

You'll come to another intersection.

Just cross the road and keep going straight.

You'll find a movie theater...

...a shop full of bling...


...and more shopping.

You're almost to the end of the road now.

But take note of the location of the Ikea. It's important.

You'll reach a busy motorway that marks the end of the main shopping area.

At this point you could go on to the big Central Library...

...and this map would help you find your way.

I thought about taking this walking tour into Victoria Park just beyond the motorway...

...but I got distracted by the Haagen Dazs in Windsor House instead.

Thanks for joining me on my tour of Causeway Bay. Does anyone have any requests for next week's walking tour? Do you want to see a tourist area? A local area? A green area? What's your favorite part of Hong Kong?


  1. Good old Ikea, I've been there so many times in the last three months, I think I could find my way there blindfold now!(But I'm not going to try).
    I'd like a walking tour of the Ten Thousand Buddhas; I'd love to go myself, but don't think my old knees are up to the 431 steps. It's way out by Sha Tin.

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