Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bookspotting (and a giveaway!)

It has been a while since my last bookspotting post, but I'm still keeping my eyes open. I saw a schoolboy carrying a Kindle with the same plain black cover I have down an escalator in Central. Twice this week, I've spotted the same man reading The World is Curved by David M. Smick on my morning commute. Another man had a copy of Everything to Lose in my favorite coffee shop. Recently, I've finished reading Sand by Hugh Howey (awesome) and Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter (beautiful). Now I'm a little more than halfway through The Color Purple by Alice Walker.

In other news, I saw the cover for my upcoming Kindle Single on student debt this morning! I'm so excited to reveal it soon. If you'd like to be emailed when the book launches, please join my mailing list.

Finally, we are holding a Goodreads giveaway for the Dragonfruit anthology. You can enter to win one of five paperback copies before Launch Day on June 10th!

What are you up to lately? What are people reading in your town?

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