Friday, September 6, 2013

Bookspotting and Moving

This is before we moved in. We're not quite that neat.
My husband and I spent last weekend moving into our new apartment. Naturally, my books were the first things I carried up from the old place on Hollywood Road. I'm still rearranging my bookshelves and trying to decide how to organize everything. Books by people I know together? Travel memoirs together? Hong Kong books together? What about Hong Kong travel memoirs by people I know?! I do have a prominent spot for books that I haven't read yet, including Elegance of a Hedgehog, Love in the Time of Cholera, About a Boy and Petals from the Sky. My goal is to work through them and then move them to the appropriate shelf. Of course that would be easier if I would quit buying books faster than I can read them on my Kindle...

Speaking of Kindles, I spotted a man reading a 2nd generation white Kindle on the train this morning. Yesterday, a woman was reading a Chinese book with an eagle on one side and traditional red stamp on the other. I spotted a schoolgirl with Shopoholic Abroad by Sophie Kinsella and a Western woman with an Amy Tan novel. Best of all, I saw a young woman on the MTR with a tattoo of an open book on her shoulder. She was reading Mr. Palomar by Italo Calvino.

What are people reading in your town this week? How do you organize your bookshelves?


  1. My wall-to-wall bookshelves are a jumbled mess (if I'm trying to find something) or a treasure trove (when I come across books I've forgotten I own, while looking for something else), or a source of chagrin (when I realize we have three copies of Beowolf and To Kill a Mockingbird). My current baby step is to move all the fiction books to the right side of any one shelf, with the non-fiction going on the left side. Which of course makes me wonder where to put historical fiction ...

  2. Congratulations on the wedding and the move! Many happy years to you guys!
    Your apartment was so tiny, even the one-bedroom I grew up in in Ukraine was huge by comparison.

  3. I've opted for signed and first editions together on the top shelves, then grouped by author if it fills a shelf, translated books, travel guides and travel memoirs on one shelf, and then rest pretty much by size so that they are easier to dust. It works surprisingly well as I tend to remember the rough size and binding of a book but not the colour of the spine.


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