Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bookspotting and Kindle-appreciating

It has now been two weeks since my mom sent my new Kindle and it still hasn't arrived yet. In the grand scheme of things, two weeks isn't very long, but it feels like forever. It's making me realize just how reliant I've become on my e-reader, primarily because I can get any book I want instantaneously. There are plenty of English bookstores here, but they usually only stock frontlist titles. Additionally, the imported paperbacks are often twice the price I'd pay for a hardback at home. I've definitely been spoiled by my Kindle, and I can't wait for the new one to get here.

This weekend I spent more time out and about than I have in a while (thank you, Nanowrimo). Even though it was cold and rainy, I spotted three different Hong Kong guidebooks in the hands of various tourists. During the week, a woman sitting next to me on my commute was reading No Man's Land (I looked over her shoulder to confirm the title). The dapper gentleman who always wears nice shoes had a book with the word Food in large letters on the back. LaterI saw a man on the train reading a Chinese book with a big, red 100 on the front. It looked familiar and could have been related to any number of 100th anniversary-type publications. This afternoon, a woman rushing through Central station had a hardback copy of Thinking Fast and Slow in her hand.

What are people reading in your town this week?


  1. I remember that frustrating feeling of not having access to English language books, but that was long before ereaders.... Interesting to think how much they might help improve the expat experience! Enjoy your new Kindle! (also I love your new blog header)

    1. Yes, I think in many ways it is a lot easier to be an expat now than it used to be. My grandparents lived in Hong Kong in the fifties and it's incredible how different it was for them. I do have a used bookstore around the corner, but my flat is really too small to keep all the books I read in physical form.
      Thanks for your comment!


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