Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bookspotting: Announcement Week!

This was definitely a week for bookspotting in Chinese. I counted nine Chinese books, mostly on the MTR. That's a lot more than normal, and included two textbooks. I also spotted one guidebook to Hong Kong and Macau and a Kindle in a coffee shop, but I didn't see any other English titles.

In last week's Bookspotting post, I announced the launch of my new author website: ShannonYoungWriter.com. Thank you to everyone who went over there for a visit and signed up for my email list. I also told you that I'd have a bigger announcement this week. I'm releasing an e-book! This is not my Hong Kong travel memoir, but a separate piece that is far too short to be a book and far too long to be a magazine article (88 print pages). The official launch will be on May 27th, exactly two months before the Opening Ceremonies of the London Olympics. I'll tell you more about it in the coming weeks, but here's the blurb and the book cover by the amazing Joanna Suen.

The Olympics Beat: A Spectator’s Memoir of Beijing
The drama, the variety, the spectacle - Shannon can't get enough of it. She is an American student who has always been fascinated by the Olympic Games; her father has a lifelong love affair with China. They team up for the Beijing games and the adventure of a lifetime. Without the filter of a small screen, Shannon and her father are hypnotized by the passion of a great nation unveiling itself to the world. This mini travel memoir is a picture of a new China and the experiences that would change one American girl's life forever.

Coming soon to an e-book store near you!


  1. Very cool! I can't wait to read your e-book! I think it's great you're releasing an e-book. It's wonderful for exposure. And I love the cover! Did she also draw your blog and website banner? The last time I was in Beijing, I was with my dad, too, but it wasn't for anything as spectacular as the Olympics. On another side note, my mom went to the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo when she was 22.

    1. Thanks Susan! My sister drew the blog and website banners, but Joanna helped me clean them up in Photoshop. She also took my author photo.

      I would love to hear more about your mom's trip to the Olympics. There's really nothing like it!

  2. Can't wait to read the whole thing!

  3. Congratulations! Keep up posted as to when it's available!!

    1. Thank you Laura! Congrats on your publication in the HKWC anthology as well!

  4. Hey
    That is do great... :)
    All the best with your book. :)
    Read that also


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