Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bookspotting: Week 49

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a relaxing holiday and you're ready to get into the swing of things again. After a break that could be titled Eat Sleep Edit, I'm back in the office today and back to my normal blogging schedule. I'm also adding videos to my blog for the new year, and the first one will be up later this week.

Now for the bookspotting: I saw one person giving another the Steve Jobs biography at an outdoor bar. Did I tell you about the time I saw someone selling that book from a suitcase outside the MTR? I spotted a man reading Annie Proulx's The Shipping News and Jerusalem: The Biography. I saw another man carrying a book called The Fear near Li Yuen Lane. I saw two women in The Gourmet Burger Union carrying identical guidebooks to Hong Kong written in Korean. As for me, I finished the fourth George R. R. Martin book yesterday. The Song of Ice and Fire series has been consuming my free time lately, meaning my reviews for this blog have been a little sparse. One more to go!

What did you read over the holidays? What are people reading in your town lately?


  1. Very cool photo of Bangkok's Chinatown. It kind of reminds me of Chicago's Chinatown, which celebrates it's 100th anniversary this year!

    I just finished a very depressing account of the Great Leap Forward (Hungry Ghosts by Jasper Becker, who used to be the SCMP bureau chief in Beijing). Now I'm reading Xu Xi's Habit of a Foreign Sky.

  2. Great idea for a blog, Shannon! It's interesting to see what you're reading. I finished Steve Jobs' biography a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it (it didn't hurt that I was reading it for background information before an interview with Apple, either). I also recently finished reading Room by Emma Donoghue, a page turner for sure, but not my favorite read. I've moved on to Reading Lolita in Tehran by Azar Nafisi and am simultaneously reading The Post American World by Fareed Zakaria. Books aside, one of my New Years resolutions is to start a blog about my opinion following various sustainability-related news stories as I become more involved in the field. It's very inspiring to see how frequently you write on your blog and how interesting it is! I wish you a very Happy New Year, many good reads, and continuous adventure in your life in Hong Kong.

  3. @ Susan - I've never been outside the airport in Chicago. I bet there will be some cool anniversary celebrations in Chinatown. I hope you're enjoying Habit of a Foreign Sky!

    @ Kelly - Thank you so much. I've heard from several people who are really enjoying the Steve Jobs book. I hope your interview went well! Reading Lolita in Tehran has been on my list for a while. I think I'll definitely have to get to it soon. Best of luck with your sustainability blog. I've had several freelance writing opportunities come to me through this blog. I hope you'll find that it helps to have a showcase for your work and opinions in your field too. Great to hear from you and I hope all is well in your post-Colgate life!

  4. Happy New Year Shannon! I've been reading The Slap by Christian Tsiolkas and Visible world by Mark Slouka.I've seen loads of foreign language guides to HK on trains, trams and ferries.I've noticed a lot of French guides this past week in particular and some I couldn't make out the language, Asian characters, not sure if Chinese Japanese or what.Travelling to Shanghai next week, so no poetry club, but I will see what I can spot there!

  5. Happy New Year Joyce! Thank you for reporting your latest bookspotting adventures. I hope you have a great time in Shanghai and I'm looking forward to catching up later this month.


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