Monday, December 19, 2011

Bookspotting: Week 47

It has finally started to get cold in Hong Kong, making it perfect coffee shop weather. I met with my writers' group at Holly Brown in Central this week, where I spotted a woman studying from the same Cantonese book that I used when I took a Canto class last year. I returned to the same coffee shop this weekend and spotted a book with a mostly white cover, a book with a red cover, and a book with a blue cover, but I couldn't read any of the titles. I saw a man and his son carrying a thick book called Rumble Jungle. I saw one tourist carrying the Luxe guide to Hong Kong, and another tourist carrying a guidebook that definitely was not in English. I spotted 8 Chinese books this week, which is much better than average.

What are you reading this holiday season? What are the people around you reading?


  1. Love your photo! I just started Empress by Shan Sa, but have been busy with other things so haven't gotten past the first page. I just learned of a book called "Escape from Hong Kong" by Tim Luard about the Christmas Day battle in 1941. It's a great story, so I splurged on the US$35 it cost to order from the UK (it was published by HKU press, so should be easy to find in HK). Should receive it in a month.

  2. I've just finished Bill Bryson's "Down under" as we head to Australia for the holidays. Very funny and well researched; the bibliography lists about 50 sources he consulted.I saw a young man in our local bar, eating spaghetti, drinking beer and reading George Martin game of thrones.Hard to tell which he was enjoying the most!Another young man on the MTR was lugging Haruki Murakami IQ84 but not actually reading it. My friend has just started Stephen King's 11.22.63 and has promised it to me when she fginishes. I don't usually read Stephen King, but this one sounds good.I've bought a couple of books about Hong Kong to take to Australia as gifts.Merry Christmas Shannon, see you in the New Year.


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