Monday, October 10, 2011

Bookspotting: Week 37 - Bookfair Surprise

The beginning of this week was disappointing in the bookspotting department. The only English title I saw was It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want To Be by Paul Arden. That's quite a title, but I usually see more books during the week. On Sunday I was walking around Wan Chai taking pictures for this weeks' Eating Smoke themed walking tour. In the Southorn Playground I came upon a book fair!

I didn't know about the Wan Chai Bookfair Series, but I thought it was a lucky find.

There were so many books and so many people!

I saw people filling up bags and even suitcases with the books.

There weren't many English titles...

...but I was still happy to be there.

Apparently better English means "A More Perfect You!"

This was a very sweet sort of bookspotting, even though I couldn't read most of the titles.

Come back next week for more bookspotting, or visit on Wednesday for the Eating Smoke tour of Wan Chai!

Now it's your turn: what are people reading in your town this week? Where do you spot the most readers?

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  1. Though this book is honest, it often reads like one joke after another. The reader may still feel distanced from the real Tina Fey after reading Bossypants, but I think the opposite is true. The constant humor, the one-liners, the self-deprecation is who she really is, which makes her writing and comedy work.


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