Tuesday, February 1, 2011

TALES OF A FEMALE NOMAD by Rita Golden Gelman


A travel memoir about a woman's life with no permanent address as she gets to know people in villages around the world.


I liked Rita's emphasis on the importance of community in the midst of her nomadic existence. She has a gift for connecting with people, especially women, no matter where she lives in the world. She includes many stories of cooking, laughing, and crying with women all over the place.

In this nomadic style of travel I did sense a lack of purpose sometimes. She wandered into people's lives, sometimes staying for six months and sometimes staying for eight years, with no particular aim. This caused the narrative to wander a bit too, and the book didn't hold my attention as much at the end. Perhaps it is harder for a young woman who still has a lot to prove to relate to this author than it would be for a reader who has already been 'successful' and is wondering what's next.

The book is written in present tense, which can be jarring for a memoir, however the voice is full of warmth. I would want to have a cup of tea with the author to listen to her stories about interesting places. She is still traveling, writing, and connecting with people, which I think is pretty cool too.


Author's website and blog: Rita Golden Gelman


Kindle edition: $9.99


Do you think travel must be driven by a purpose or goal?

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  1. So... I read this back in 2005, but recently read Eat Pray Love. I think you have to give this book so much more credit than the other. I really could not stand the writing or tone of Eat Pray Love and remember actually liking this book.


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